Architectural Woodwork and Millwork

At the root of MPM Industries business is our millwork division. It is the oldest division of the company. The skilled union carpenters manufacturing material in our shop still use the same care and dedication today as they did back in 1921. Our millwork division manufactures custom stile and rail doors, base, crown moulding, casing for windows and doors, chair rail, and wainscoting out of any wood species that is available. We can even match an old profile you might have in your home!

MPM also has a state-of-the-art finishing division. Employing techniques that only the finest finishing shops use, MPM can provide a durable product that is ready to install when it is delivered. Whether your job requires painting or staining, our finishes ensure that our products are going to be protected and beautiful. Under the guidance of our journeyman union finisher, our certified AWI TR6 finish is tops in the finishing world.

Custom stile and rail wood doors, architectural moldings and specialty wood products are engineered and manufactured by our skilled and dedicated employees. In addition, we inventory a full line of commercial flush wood doors, commercial steel doors and frames, residential MDF trim and door hardware.

Architectural casework

Along with our millwork roots comes our casework division. MPM Industries has been manufacturing casework almost as long as we have been manufacturing architectural millwork. Custom casework is available in any style that you or your customer desire. Customers are able to choose from a variety of hardwoods or plastic laminates to match the style that you or your customers need.

Architectural Woodwork

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